How To Take Photos for a Badge Cut-out:


Click Here For a PDF

Taking freehand photos of your badge in order to create a cut-out for your custom wallet can sometimes lead to a poor fitting badge cut-out. That's why I've come up with 2 solutions for getting the correct shape of any badge.


Method 1: The first option is to scan/photocopy the badge with a ruler next to it for scale. It's important to provide the digital copy of the scan, not a photo, otherwise the shape may be distorted.

Method 2: The second option is to take a couple photos of your badge by using the graph paper method which can be found in the PDF linked at the start of this page. 

The reason the graph paper method is important is because when taking freehand photos of a badge, it's near impossible to tell if the camera is aiming straight down. If the camera is tilted to one side, even by a few degrees, the resulting image will be distorted and one side of the badge will appear bigger than it is. That will lead to a poor fitting badge cut-out, or one that doesn't fit at all.

How a photo of our badge should look: